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Introducing the Maxine Tracy Wellness Room

Same great lactation room with a wonderful new name!

October 18, 2021 4:45 PM
This Wednesday, the Women's Center's lactation room will be named the Maxine Tracy Wellness Room!!

Our new name comes in response to the generosity of Dr. Kate Tracy, M.A. ’01, Ph.D. ’03, psychology, who created an endowment for the Women's Center and named it in honor of her grandmother, Maxine Tracy.

"Raised in a small, mid-western town, Tracy looks back on her grandmother Maxine as a source of unconditional love and support. “My grandmother was a caregiver. In many ways, she was the northstar in my compass, and no matter where I roamed or what challenges life has brought, I always felt anchored—in the most positive way—to her. She did what she could where she was for as many as she could in the way that she could. She opened opportunities for a lot of women. And she will always be one of my heroes,” says Tracy, who is honoring the late Maxine with an endowment in her name to the Women’s Center. "

The above excerpt comes from "Living Her Values" written by Randianne Leyshon '09. Read the full story to learn more about Maxine and Kate  and the ways in which the Women's Center will benefit from this generous endowment for years to come. 

And, as mentioned in the title of this post, while it has a new name, the wellness space is still a space to support lactation, prayer, and meditation. The thumbnail picture for this post is an image of this room complete with brand new seating! For those looking to make reservations to use this space as a lactation room, contact the Women's Center at or visit this post for more details.